Support Services and Options

Master data management

maintaining of master data in SAP systems based on user requests

1st Line Support

communications, initial analysis and typical incidents resolution based on knowledge base

2nd Line Support

non-typical incidents resolution, consultations for non-standard operations, continuous improvements development

3nd Line Support

architecture control for complex changes, project team

System Monitoring

and integration interfaces monitoring, resolution of identified issues and integration interfaces errors

Support Communication Model

Teamidea Support Team

Communication Tools

Customer Team

1st Line

  • Unified contact center
  • Typical incidencts resolution
  • Monitoring SLA and incidents routing / escalation
  • Communication with users regarding incident statuses

SAP Solution Manager

  • Incidents / request statuses;
  • SLA monitoring and control;
  • Monitoring and control of system performance Indicator using SAP Early Watch alerts.

End Users

  • Registteringg documents and master data in the system;
  • Communication with support team for incidents resolution.

2nd Line

  • Non-typical incidents resolution;
  • Consultations in the area of non-standart operations and methodology;
  • Implementation of regular and standart changes.

E-mail, Phone,

  • Regular communications;
  • Communication agreements / results are fixed in SAP Solution Manager.

Key Users

  • End users training;
  • Business requirements development / approval for system functionality changes.

3rd Line

  • Deep functional and technical expertise for complex changes in system Functionally;
  • Participation in most urgent system-wide incidents resolution.

3rd Line

  • Reports;
  • Quality control;
  • SLA.

Customer’s Project Coordinator

  • Creation of project groups and customer`s staff involvement;
  • Communication facilitation.

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