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Household Appliances


Goods for Kids


Cosmetics and Perfumes

Electronics and Household Appliances


Auto Parts and Products


Projects in Numbers

3-10 months

average time of implementation

> 250



order per/day

>10 000 000

active sku, prices, stocks

1 000 000


Customization Experience in Hybris

Improving QA Team

QA Automation

QA Process Optimization

Manual Testing + Automation Process Testing Scripts

Customization Hybris

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  • Creation and customization of the internal structures of the site, the implementation of complex relationships, configure the associated processes;
  • The creation of new and expansion of existing processes;
  • Search engine setup, multilingual support;
  • Pricing (accounting for prices, margins, taxes, individual discounts and price conditions), multi-currency support;
  • The account balances, the calculation of availability, reservations;
  • Completion of the shopping cart and order, configuration of the checkout;
  • Setting up the order execution process (order fulfillment process);
  • Installing and configuring OMS.
  • Setting up order execution processes in OMS;
  • Setting up the promotion engine;
  • The creation of new and modification of existing components WCMS;
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, xPL, CZ, systems, online payment systems, distribution, internal systems, vendors, etc.;
  • Customization of the back office and cockpits (including the redesign and completion of client side on zkoss), improvement of existing and addition of new prospects, wizardo, action, etc.;
  • Flexible role model back office;
  • Localization;
  • Rollout solutions to other regions and countries, and much more.

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