SAP solutions for the wholesale trade (SAP for Wholesale Distribution) includes functionality to support the following business processes:

  • Strategic planning – helpful in long-term planning of logistics network, marketing, sales and service.
  • Logistics network planning - solution supports rapid medium-term planning of logistics network. Opportunity of long-range planning of demand and supply, that allows to maintain a high level or even increase the level of service, reduce investments in inventory throughout the logistics network and to determine the short-and medium-term trends. Accurate forecasts promote cost-effective and optimal utilization of fleet.
  • Management of the process "from procurement to payment" – helps to manage relationships with suppliers at strategic and operational levels, allowing to lower the cost of goods sold, streamline operations and reduce overhead costs.
  • Implementation of logistics network - solution supports highly efficient processes of inbound and outbound supplies processing, as well as warehouse management processes. Companies will be able to avoid excess reserves and to accurately measure the efficiency of the basic operations of warehouse management.
  • Management of the process "from order entry to cash receipt" – helps to retain customers due to ability to support multiple sales channels and a number of services that can generate additional revenue, increase customer satisfaction and reduce their migration level.
  • Additional services - solution supports operations that provide additional paid services, thereby preventing decline in profits

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SAP for Wholesale (SAP for Wholesale Distribution) improves the efficiency of business processes across the organization.

Commercial advantages to be gained from running SAP:

  • Optimized logistics processes – running SAP, companies can combine orders and realize optimized, cost-effective delivery. Software designed to optimize inventory, enables efficient use of storage space and thus significantly increase the efficiency of warehouse management. 
  • Profitability increase - SAP for Wholesale can provide additional marketing services and ones in the field of sales at the wholesale distribution, such as Internet sales performed by specialists responsible for product realization, customer relationship management, managing information about clients and repackaging in accordance with the specifications of customers. In addition, this solution supports new services, such as direct sales from transport, direct delivery to customers and collective inventory management with supplier.
  • Reimbursement of expenses - SAP supports the processing of refunds on the basis of special agreements. Support is provided by the software for data acquisition, subsequent billing and monitoring reimbursement agreements. Optimal use of financial agreements with suppliers is provided by the software to track and control bonuses.
  • Financial and operational costs reduction – running SAP it is possible to offer partners a variety of financial services, such as centralized management and invoicing, factoring. Significantly reduce the financial and operational costs is possible with the software designed to calculate bonuses and processing claims through the Internet.
  • Making optimal decisions based on complete and up to date business information - with the help of software that distributes costs on the basis of information contained in the invoices of suppliers, companies can efficiently allocate the costs and thereby increase their "transparency", and calculate profitability more accurately. Moreover, the software that allows analyzing the cost-effectiveness of various business processes in real time facilitates informed decision-making in business management.

All SAP solutions meet the highest quality standards that provide enterprises with a significant competitive advantage.

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