IDEAL: EWM is specialized solution from TeamIdea aimed to manage warehouses. 


  • Preconfigured typical warehouse management processes based on SAP best practices.
  • System running from project beginning and reduced labor-costs on blueprinting stage.
  • Working with key users and study based on future processes in system prototype.
  • Possibility of functionality extension and growth perspective.
  • Risks, costs and time reducing.


  • The Best warehouse management solution in the class comprising preconfigured business processes.
  • Fix project scope, methodology, implementation tools.
  • Qwik project go-live with processes being really important to business and perspective of further extension.
  • Implementation costs reducing.

Fix pricing - "Pay only for the one you need". Fix price for the result. Relaxation in the requirements to the customer sources.

Functional Scope:

  • Inbound process without packing information: goods posting - manually.
  • Inbound process without packing information: manual warehouse orders - manually.
  • Inbound Process with Repacking for Putaway.
  • Outbound process with picking HU as shipping HU.
  • Outbound Process Using Wave, Pick-HU, Packing, Staging, and LoadingAutomatic Replenishment.
  • Scrapping due to best-before date/shelf-life expiration date.
  • Customer returns with quality inspection.
  • Periodic inventory.

The Solution includes:

  • Project management
  • Prototype design
  • Analysis of functional gaps
  • Blueprint
  • Solution customizing
  • Integration and functional testing
  • Key users training, users guides
  • System landscapes installation.

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