Nowadays we can see the accumulated number of SAP projects aimed to replicate SAP ERP global solution to the Russian company. Within the framework of such projects there is always a need of customizing global business processes to Russian legislation requirements and the necessity of implementation / customizing standard Russian localization functionality (Russian Add-on).

SAP Russian Add-On – is a special product made to adapt SAP ERP to the requirements of Russian legislation and to local peculiarities of company’s business processes.

Traditionally Russian Add-On is considered in the context of the following business processes:

  • financial reporting and tax accounting;
  • materials management;
  • logistics;
  • sales and distribution.

Russian Add-On is aimed at solving the following problems:

  • Further development of the system of accounting / financial accounting and reporting.
  • Further development of the standard functionality of a trade company in compliance with Russian specificity.
  • Development and implementation of the special scheme / TDG accounting system allowing for the industry.
  • Adjustment of purchase ledger organization allowing for the TDG scheme. 
  • Preparation of standard printed forms of trading, bills, invoices.
  • Development and implementation of a special subsystem of scanned documents with automatic printing recording (certificate of compliance, reports of price coordination and others).
  • Realization of additional reporting on TDG, the movement of materials and their residues on warehouses.
  • Integration with the client-bank CitiDirect as for the load of bank statement and automatic banking.
  • Improvement of SAP system in terms of operating system registration, adjustment of financial reporting to Russian legislation norms, including setting of the standard plate OC1 - OS15.
  • Introduction of additional plates of internal accounting materials.
  • Data migration.

For many years TeamIdea has been successfully providing its customers with high-quality and timely implementation of this functionality. All works on the project are strictly based on the best SAP AG - ASAP methodology.

Indicative schedule*

  • Kick – Off Workshop: 2-3 days
  • Adaptation of Business Blueprints: 2 weeks
  • Implementation and Tests: 3 months
  • Go – Live: 1 week
  • User Trainings: 2 weeks
  • After Go-Live Support

*Fundamental factors in determining labor are system versioning and features of company’s global processes.

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