The SAP Learning Hub version is a public environment with flexible cloud computing and a minimum of support and update requirements. It allows ensuring the successful implementation of projects and equipping team members with basic knowledge and skills, not organizing full-time education and not sending staff on business trips to training centres.

To keep the company competitive, you are ought to update constantly and deepen the knowledge of SAP software products. However, for traditional classroom teaching it is not easy to find time, not to mention funding. 

Now you can get the most up-to-date information with SAP's comprehensive cloud solution for training.

SAP Learning Hub offers individual users a public cloud, combining flexible approaches to learning and accessibility at any time and in any place. It allows you to ensure the successful implementation of projects and obtain basic knowledge and skills in the most convenient way for you. 

SAP constantly updates the content libraries available in the following options:

  • Social Education: Dynamic global community of students, instructors and experts in the subject area.
  • Training aids: Easy to learn content with instructions in flipbook format.
  • E-learning: Interactive multimedia content, assessments and managed procedures.
  • Live access: Direct access at will to training systems, allowing you to hone your skills.
  • Program SAP Ramp-Up: Training in work with products at the initial level, including the latest data on new versions.
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