Most enterprises involved in the development, production, and sale of their products are a holding structure with a clear distinction between the types of operating activities. As a rule, the parent company of the holding solves the tasks of planning, consolidating reporting, and also analyzing the activities of all other structural divisions: production; marketing, sales, and distribution of products; R&D divisions; subsidiaries.

Such a holding structure, significantly increasing the management efficiency of the enterprise as a whole, requires the financial department to organize the operational processing of large volumes of data (both at the planning stage and at the stage of collecting actual data), as well as the presence of additional processes for coordinating the results and targets. In this situation, the traditional means of "automation" of the budget process, Excel, from a convenient tool turns into a deterrent, the following problems arise:

  • Large amounts of data lead to inconvenience and slow performance of Excel;
  • Automatic consolidation of data from business units is difficult;
  • Practically impossible plan-fact analysis;
  • Data reliability is reduced due to the possibility of intentional or accidental violation of Excel formulas and data;
  • Simultaneous multi-user work is almost impossible;
  • It is impossible to track and record changes, separation of powers to change and analyze data;
  • The budget process does not have automated controls.

Solution - SAP Analytics

  • A comprehensive solution covering all areas of the use of analytical reporting
  • Automatic data collection and cleaning, minimizing the human factor
  • Flexible options for building analytical reporting by end-users
  • Unified Data Warehouse - "a single source of truth" - combining data from different sources
  • Powerful data visualization and analysis tool
  • Cloud or on-premise solution

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