SAP for retail is a software product aimed at a comprehensive automation of the trading company activity. The solution provides the most efficient use of the operating and financial information in order to reduce costs and increase business marginality as a whole.

The solution takes into account the features of the retail company and offers:

  • Integrated resources management of the company, including purchasing, finance, sales and logistics, as well as business and management accounting.
  • Supply chain and marketing management.
  • Successful retail management.
  • Impressive analysis reporting and mobile solutions.

Solution to key issues of retail management

Assortment and basic data

  • Convenient assortment management thanks to single system of master data maintenance.
  • Access to the universal merchandise manual with the maintenance possibility of multiple qualitative characteristics of the goods.
  • Specific retail reference data.
  • Flexible assortment management, clusterization store capability.
  • Assortment hierarchy management (categories, groups and subgroups, etc).

Forecasting & Replenishment

From the complexity in terms of goods replenishment to the guaranteed availability of the goods at the right place and at the right time! From the "intuitive" forecast to the innovative models of the automatized forecasting! From manual processing promo impact on sales and stock – to the data integration of promotion activities into the process of requirements plan.

  • Increasing of the forecast accuracy to reduce the level of costs and increase the availability of goods.
  • Automation of replenishment process for the increasing of productivity gains and mechanism appliance of management by exemption.
  • Logistics optimization to reduce the delivery and order costs, their frequency and duration of storage.
  • Sales maximizing by balancing the stock levels with demand.


End-to-end automation is a guarantee of high efficiency and performance of the purchasing process.

  • Monitoring of the purchasing budget and budgetary control (Open-to-buy).
  • Pricing.
  • Selection and evaluation of suppliers (vendors certification functions, based on the specified parameters).
  • Contracts management, automatic calculation of retro-bonuses.
  • Verification of l invoicesogistics, registration of suppliers' accounts, automatic generation costs.
  • Single delivery and payment control system.
  • Retro-bonuses –calculation and accounting.
  • Processing of perishable foods.
  • Seasonal goods purchase.

Material & Stock managemaent

The solution covers the entire quantity and value accounting of the flow, reservations, inventory and revaluation of material resources of the company and supports various types of stocks (client stocks, blocked stock, free-use stock , stock in quality inspection). Material maangement module (MM) is integrated with all other modules SAP ERP (Finance, Controlling, Logistics, etc.)

  • Stock movement accounting (including accounting of the goods in transit, (CCD) accounting and simultaneous formation of documents on the movement of goods and financial documents).
  • Distribution center and store inventory (with automation cross-picking).
  • Transportation management (routes, transport planning, payment of freight costs).
  • Return logistics.
  • Accounting of returnable packaging.


Sales process automation of the company offers the company an unlimited space of pricing options - to calculate the price you can use any combination of goods and application of prices, including the calculation function of the purchase cart. The solution offers a convenient tool for managing the marketing activities (discounts, bonuses, coupons) on the basis of objective data, with the ability to inform the shops and customers.

The solution also includes the following functions:

  • Retail sales registration with POS-terminals.
  • Integration with POS.
  • Personal data maintenance (cards), communications management , Real-Time Promo.
  • Formation of customer orders.
  • Working with the competitor prices.
  • Limit credit control.
  • Stock reservations and access resolution
  • Billing.

Analysis reporting

The system includes a set of pre-configured specified reports and the ability to data reception from any sources. Availability of iOS, Android platforms support.

Assortment analytics

  • Analysis of key figures (plan/actual revenues, plan/actual sales, plan/actual profit, plan/actual marginality etc.)
  • Stock movements (BOP/EOP).
  • Sales due to the levels of discounts.
  • Analysis of the order processing.
  • LFL.
  • Daily plan performance.
  • Stock movement analysis (revenues/entries, leave/expenses, turnovers, remaining balance)

In-store sales analysis

  • Analysis of key figures (number of tickets, the average ticket, the average number of goods in ticket, flow, conversion).
  • Plan/actual sales analysis.
  • LFL etc.

Financial accounting

An integrated company information system of accounting and controlling is a source of accurate and ad-hoc financial information, providing adoption of correct tactical and strategic solutions.

  • Settlements with debtors and creditors.
  • Bank and cash journal business transactions.
  • Calculation of the goods cost.
  • Multicurrency transactions accounting.
  • Overhead accounting
  • VAT accounting.
  • Period end closing.
  • Management of contracts, payments control in sectional positions.
  • OS, XMA, accounting transactions.
  • Controlling.
  • Fiscal accounting (income tax).
  • Budget planning and operational control of the budget.


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