SAP’s capabilities for manufacturers of consumer goods encompasses the full range of managerial activity, from developing the company’s strategy and new products to overseeing manufacturing processes on the factory level.

The solution’s functions provide process integration and data consistency and allows a company to fully realize the effect of using information technology.

A schedule for deploying the solution at a specific facility can be developed while taking into account high-priority management tasks and the most pressing issues that require a response from the company’s information services.
For example:

  • Business planning and analytics.
  • Determining the company's strategy and business planning.
  • Developing and releasing products.
  • Predicting demand in tandem with distributors and retail operators.
  • Medium-term planning of manufacturing, procurement, and shipping.
  • Purchasing management.
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of manufacturing processes.
  • Marketing and customer loyalty management.
  • Sales channels and distribution management.
  • Finance management and bookkeeping.
  • Staff management.

The SAP solution for manufacturers of consumer goods includes methods for completing specific industry tasks that will help you:

  • Increase margin without increasing product price.
  • Increase the accuracy and operational efficiency of your plans and use planning tools to increase the effectiveness of your business.
  • Speed up processes for processing shipping streams and increase procurement efficiency.
  • Increase the cycle of use of core funds without additional expenses for repairs.
  • Satisfy constantly-growing consumer demand.
  • Take full advantage of various sales channels.
  • Optimize financing streams while meeting all the requirements of regulatory bodies.
  • Increase your company’s human resources potential.
  • Take advantage of the opportunities afforded by information technology.

You can read more about this solution on the SAP website.

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