E-commerce weak points

Frequently encountered problems encountered by large e-commerce sites:

  •  The site "slows down": as a result, the client "leaves" without purchases
  • High Time2Market of new developments: each new revision requires a long development time
  • Downtime during new releases: with a large "technological" window, causes a decline in sales
  • System availability below expected: downtime in high season 
  • Equipment requirements higher than expected: high maintenance and rental costs 
  • High labor costs for maintenance: a large stream of small and not very "routine" tasks and problems. The frequent attraction of 2 and 3 support lines
  • A large flow of support calls: unreasonably large call center staff

Hybris optimization kit (HOK) - a set of measures to identify bottlenecks in the e-commerce system, carried out in 6 areas

  • Code analysis
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Performance
  • Change management
  • Best practices

 Results of the HOC - a list of all problems and actions to address them:

1.   Audit report - a comprehensive analysis of the audit results. The comments are presented in tabular form with three indicators:

  • Criticality for the current project
  • The complexity of corrections
  • The degree to which corrections affect the system.

 2.   Recommendations - a list of specific actions for optimizing the system, improving the architecture and restructuring processes, are presented in tabular form with two indicators: 

  • The complexity of implementation
  • Effect of application for the system

 3.   Workshop - a joint meeting to discuss audit results and recommendations

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