Interactive kiosk

Interactive kiosk is a large touch-screen monitor, which helps customers to choose the products of interest to them, and the shop – to find a convenient way to talk about the best deals.

The interactive kiosk allows you to:

  • Authorise by the touch of a bonus card and to receive personalised promotions and offers
  • Choose clothes on a large touch screen (touch control):

Choose clothes on a large touch screen (touch control)
The set – from the list in the catalogue (photos and videos)
Bring the order forward earlier, according to its order number from the online store (if it has one)
Choose from the recommended set: stock/clearance sale, novelties, recommended accessories from the recommended set (from ties to shirts)

  • Order the selected clothes:

for fitting (if in stock)
to the store (if not in stock)
for delivery to your door (if the service is available) 

Interactive Fitting Room 

Fitting room with a built-in touch-screen mirror that automatically identifies clothes that need to be brought into the fitting room (with the help of RFID* - labels). 


Smart fitting-room allows you to:

  • Recognise the products being taken into the fitting room (with glued on labels RFID*), and display them on the interactive screen
  • Display recommended products based on what you have already chosen
  • Send requests for additional items to a consultant, and change the colour and/or size of the model

System Components:

  • RFID reader (function: a wiretapping reader, which compiles together a list of active tags, and exports them to the web-application)
  • Web-application (functions: displays a list of products in the fitting room, and by the customer clicking it sends a request to the consultant for the goods that they wish to purchase)
  • Mobile Application (function: displays a list of requests from the customer)


*RFID Technology of remote identification tags, glued onto the clothing. The tag uniquely identifies the marking of goods, the size, and the colour of the product. 

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