Compliance of insurance products with expectations of different customer groups is a key to profitability and sustainability of any insurance company. To respond to the expectations of the client and display popular products on the market, it is important to have a flexible system of work with insurance products.

IDEAL: Insurance solution includes:

  • Insurance products management.
  • Sales and agents.
  • Management of insurance contracts and insurance policies.
  • Regulation.
  • Reinsurance.
  • Reserves and reporting.

The solution is based on SAP products and makes it possible to take full advantage of SAP platform: reliability, scalability, security, and functionality of SAP to automate general administrative tasks.Solution iDEAL: Insurance allows you to:

  • manage all sales channels of insurance products;
  • conduct all the necessary data;
  • calculate the agent (commission) compensation;
  • form necessary reports.

Solution IDEAL: Insurance offers:

  • Tools for working with contracts of optional, obligatory and facultative obligatory insurance with automatic bordereau generation for different types of reinsurance: share, excess amounts, quota excess amounts, excess of loss, excess of loss ratio etc.
  • Convenient tool to handle the entire process of losses settlement, from the registration of the insured event and the settlement process throughout its life cycle.
  • Management and accounting of all necessary data in contracts. 
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