Industrial development of TeamIdea for dealers of heavy machinery and equipment is helpful in solving the following tasks:

  • Sales increase, increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Effective use of internal human resources, motivation and control.
  • Planning of sales, inventory, turnover increase.
  • Reducing time of delivery of illiquid assets and increase of accessibility of spare parts with high turnover.
  • Accounts receivable reduction.
  • Budget efficiency and profitability improvement.
  • Accounting and cost reduction.
  • Creating a single information environment that maintains the required level of interaction.
  • Reducing the costs aimed at supporting business systems.
  • Regulation and automation of business processes to optimize interaction within the company.

The solution comprises over 100 business scenarios and 3000 functions to automate the entire business cycle of the company!

 Solution Functional Scope

Based on a detailed study of the needs of the area, the following solution functional scope was formed:

  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Management of equipment and spare parts sale.
  • Service management.
  • Warehouse management, including addressed storage.
  • Planning and modeling of spare parts need.
  • Transportation management.
  • Finance and Budgeting.
  • Accounting and reporting.
  • Management and accounting agreements.

TeamIdea solution for sales management and heavy machinery and equipment service can reduce costs by 20%, increase the availability of spare parts with high turnover by 70% and reduce the construction in progress by 50%*. 

*Official project results, confirmed by Zeppelin Russland.

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