The application SAP Forecasting & Replenishment enables customer to understand in detail, forecast and maintain a complex balance between the stock level and the quality of customer service. This software contains algorithms and forecasting models operating almost in real time, based on the data of SAP applications and other vendors (producers), helping to define the optimal range, availability and inventory levels.

Solution of the key business tasks:

  • To ensure stable profitability in the environment of increasing competition level.
  • To keep customers in conditions of rising demands for diversity, quality and prices of the range presented.
  • To optimize supply chain operations reducing the need for transport means and the amount of deactivations.

Core capabilities:

  • Forecasting on the base of cause-and-effect analysis - Choose a method of forecasting, which automatically takes trends, seasonality and future events into account.
  • Replenishment account - Full automation of processes to replenish the store and warehouse.
  • Multilevel replenishment - Integration of the supply chain of different levels to optimize the supply chain.
  • Transparency - A thorough understanding of each step of the calculation process.
  • Business Analytics - Strategic business solutions support through the integration of powerful SAP software solutions for Business- Analytics.
  • Roll-in Options - Integration with SAP software or functioning as self-contained software; the use of SAP Consulting services to optimize solutions.

The Benefits for Your business:

  • Improving accuracy of forecasting for the reducing level of costs and increasing the goods availability.
  • Automation of replenishment processes to improve productivity and application of mechanisms for the control on exceptions.
  • Logistics optimization for reducing costs on orders and delivery, their frequency and date of deposit in warehouse.
  • Increasing sales by balancing the inventory levels with demand.
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