With the help of solutions for e-commerce TeamIdea's clients join all points of interaction with the brand and unify business processes of the company within a single, flexible and configurable hybris platform.

TeamIdea e-commerce solutions allow:

  • Reduce access time to e-shop.
  • Support complex product catalogs and different pricing algorithms and powerful management of user functions and their roles.
  • Obtain the highest conversions and profits.
  • Optimize and improve the performance of buying and selling process.
  • Realize a truly multi-channel commerce.
  • Get flexible and easily scalable system.

      Solution Benefits:

  • Best means of search and navigation, including parametric search, prompts when entering keywords and search engine marketing.
  • Powerful integrated means of personalization that provide relevant content that serves the interests of the target audience.
  • Vouchers, recommendations and promotions of products increase the efficiency of advertising campaigns and cross-selling.
  • Special means and, in particular, the integration with the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, can increase brand awareness and site traffic and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Customer Ratings and Reviews, which allows taking into account the opinion of "collective intelligence" and increase rankings in the results of search queries.
  • Integrated customer service not only speeds up the solution to the Buyer problems, but also transforms the service department into another distribution channel.

Solution variations:

  • B2C Commerce
  • B2B Commerce
  • data management
  • Activity management of orders
  • Mobile Commerce
  • InStore


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