Intercompany is a number of complex, time-taking and responsible processes: collection of financial information about activities of all holding companies; intercompany transactions and remaining balance exclusion; report generation in accordance with the requirements of auditors. Optimization of this activity using SAP solutions can reduce time, improve the quality of information and get the opportunity of detailed analysis of large holding financial activity.

Typical Problems of Intercompany Processes

Quite often, the large number of legal entities and multi-level structure (the traditional components of large holdings) leads to considerable complication of the financial reporting system. The use of different automation systems and multi-currency transactions affects the performance and complexity of the process of data consolidation. Among the typical complexities of large companies should be highlighted the lack of transparency of financial data; lack of a systematic mechanism for performance management within the holding; the inability to use the full potential of profitability and capital efficiency.

Labour intensity: collecting information from different sources; ensuring personal responsibility for the information; large burden on the department of preparation of the consolidated financial reporting.

Productivity: slow performance of consolidation complicates and slows down the data analysis.

Roundaboutness: implementation of fair multi consolidation, without loss of audit trail.

Transparency: full audit trail.

Advantages of the proposed solution

System solution based on SAP EPM products is a simple, convenient and reliable tool for rapid data collection and processing.

Automation and reliability improvement of data collection and processing

  • Automatic controls of the data fill.
  • Audit trail of all data transformations in the consolidated statements preparation.
  • Financial risk reduction, errors minimization.
  • Data quality improvement.

Unparalleled speed

  • Consolidation processes are performed by means of a relational database.
  • Simultaneous parallel execution of multiple consolidations.

Simplicity and comfort

  • Journal adjustments at the level of separate and consolidated financial statements in a convenient format.
  • Financial logic in the format of business rules.
  • Many additional analysts.

Systems in use

The proposed solution is based on the integrated products of the package:

SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) version 10, a single web-based interface facilitates the perception of systems by ultimate users, centralized users management.

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