The company needs a CRM solution that automates the work of all employees involved in the Client service process: sales department, service department, marketing department.


  • Operational implementation of the system
  • Simplicity, availability and portability of the solution
  • The ability to expand / cut down software functionality at any time
  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Operational control
  • Scalability


Cloud for Customer — a cloud CRM-solution based on the innovative SAP HANA Cloud platform that contains a whole set of configurable analytical tools to provide employees and company management with information on the key performance indicators of a particular employee, department, region, etc.

Sales management:

  • Ready-made processes for professional sales management of all types: from short orders to long corporate transactions
  • Relevant and unified customer information base accessible to all employees
  • Monitoring and reporting on potential sales, transactions, customer in various terms
  • On-line preparation of individual proposals for information on customer needs
  • Product catalog management combined with marketing campaigns and customer needs forecasting
  • Document flow automation within the company's business processes
  • Forming documents on templates

    Sales: Product catalog and price lists

    Sales: Scheduling Calendar Tasks

    Sales: Scheduling Calendar Tasks

Service management:

  • Full automation of the client's work: from the process of creating an application to concluding a contract and building further long-term interaction with the client (tracking order frequency, reminders, special offers, etc.)
  • Service process templates, depending on the terms of the Support Agreement
  • Automatic alerts about changes in tasks and deadlines for their implementation
  • History of any interaction
  • Client polls
  • Reporting on the implementation of employees' KPI and customer satisfaction

    Service Request Processing

Marketing management:

  • Effective multi-step marketing campaigns
  • Use of various communication channels
  • Audience analysis and segmentation
  • Predictive analytics
  • On-line analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Transferring leads to potential deals
  • Content management offers based on the client's parameters
  • Launching campaigns by event (trigger) or scheduling a launch in the calendar
  • Processing campaign responses

    Marketing: Marketing campaigns


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