SAP BI (Business Intelligence) - an ideal solution for the implementation of a single analytical company system that allows you to get complete and reliable information about the company’s activities at any time from anywhere in the world, analyze economical and financial results and quickly respond to the changes.

SAP BI allows you to build a single transparent chain of collection and preparation of management reporting - from data collection to the possibilities of using intelligent predictive models.

The system contais tools for collecting and preparing data, storing and recalculating information, automating of the budget process and consolidation.

SAP BI features:

  • New modern solution for building a single corporate data storage
  • Data analysis in seconds with in-memory technology
  • Unlimited scaling options
  • Flexible approach to changing the data model
  • Integration with any external data sources - accounting systems, web services, Excel-files, sensors, etc.
  • Opportunities to automate budgeting processes
  • Advanced intelligence analytics
  • Access to information anywhere via PC or mobile devices
  • Visualization and analysis of all indicators of the company in various perspectives
  • Single point of truth and KPI management
  • Customization of individual dashboards for managers 
  • Opportunities for both on-premise and cloud realization

The implementation of SAP BI is:

  • Improving the quality of management decisions through access to united and consistent information
  • Reduced planning, budgeting, consolidated reporting cycles
  • Improving the speed of preparing reports and inquiries for analyzing key performance indicators
  • Increasing the quality and productivity of the company's IT infrastructure by forming a single point for collecting, calculating and exchanging information between all the company's information systems
  • Growth of KPI in:
    - revenue due to greater awareness when making management decisions
    - loyalty and involvement of clients due to personalized work with them 
    - operating costs, due to real-time analysis capabilities
    - tracking fraud, unscrupulous buyers and other examples of the use of predictive analysis tools


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