The solution allows to conduct legal and background information describing the interaction of factors and algorithms (their relationship and combinations), manuals of accounting land fund with a maximum set of characteristics that affect the yield, increasing efficiency and optimizing the use of lands, using the tools of the results of modeling and analysis and the factors influencing them.

We offer a real working solution for the management of precision agriculture!

Flexible tools for the management and control of production processes, built with the usage of mobile technology, provide operating mode in real-time, accurate accounting of actually performed work in the database production in the navigation systems with regard to quality and resource consumption.


  • Precise farming - in real time, from the evaluation of satellite images analysis and laboratory measurements to monitor sowing and schemes of making chemicals in a particular field.
  • Cost optimization in the agricultural production, from crop rotation planning to operational accounting of works in real time.
  • Providing 100% export of the crop from the field with minimal costs.
  • Reducing the average downtime and optimizing the value of stocks of spare parts.
  • Providing an integral and transparent accounting of contractual relations with shareholders and lessors.
  • Providing scenario of budgeting production processes with minimal effort.

Video success story of the RusAgro company

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