What if the SAP project is formally finished, the system is being launched to go-live within more than one month, relations with a company-partner are finished or spoiled but mistakes and work defects which couldn't be revealed at a stage of an integration testing start "getting out" only now. Only practice creates the real set of conditions capable to check fully the quality and efficiency of developed solutions.

TeamIdea consultants are capable to understand quickly and without assistance what was made within the previous project even in case the created solution was not properly documented.

The experience of SAP software products use shows that existence of a huge number of user transactions and programs is capable to create a problem "from scratch" for end user. The system works but the user doesn't know "how". Sometimes even existing instructions do not answer those questions which arise when using this or that system functionality. And so happens more often when these or those functional areas of the created decision are less used.

Within considered subject we are ready to offer our help in the following dimensions:

  • Maintenance of our own tasks.
  • Maintenance of "someone else's" functional solutions.
  • Decision of unforeseen situations.
  • Correction of mistakes which haven't been revealed at stages of testing.
  • Rapid response to "non-staff situations".

Any work performed by us is documented without fail with the indication of all specific objects which were involved in Solution creation.

This service will be especially interesting to you if:

  • You need an objective qualified help in choosing an IT solution for your business.
  • You want to learn how to draw the maximum effect from traditional SAP solutions.
  • You need to develop available functionality and to increase efficiency of working system.
  • You have to check a quality of running system.
  • You need an operational solution of the arisen problem and you want to start the effective work as soon as possible.
  • You need to adapt the current solution to the branch requirements.

SAP product line is a set of multipurpose systems which are subject to continuous updating and improvement. Our employees are experts in the field of planning, implementation and operation of the SAP software. Experts of TeamIdea always are in the center of the main events of the SAP company. We constantly fallow up all novelties and trends of our software. On the basis of this experience we can safely guarantee the highest level of our consultants competence.

We privide consulting services in the frame of "Q&A" in terms of organizing work in your office or via distance access to your system whatever the problem you have.

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