Our goal is to afford the client with functional options for business growth.

To optimize decision-making

Expeditious obtaining of reliable and complete information in real time allows to make quickly optimal decisions and respond to the changes of business environment as well as to use more fully favorable market opportunities. Broad analytical opportunities help to reveal in due time potential problems and to eliminate negative tendencies before real problems appear.

To increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility in response

Development of business processes at the expense of association of all business players within integrated business scenarios allows meeting a new level of effective interaction of business players– company’s staff, business partners, clients - strengthening repeatedly the return from joint activity.

To decrease costs at the expense of increase in flexibility

Expansion of additional business functionality according to the company’s business requirements helps to optimize investments in this sphere. Strategy of consecutive increase of opportunities for business solutions is very favorable – technologies will develop and grow together with the company. Besides, due to the open and flexible infrastructure provided by the SAP NetWeaver platform and at the expense of simple integration of SAP-solutions and products of other providers the companies can receive the most out from the former investments which have been already put into information technologies.

To give the opportunity to adapt to business changes

Successful integration of the decision into complex processes and advantages of the latest technologies to work via the Internet. To reduce risks – Expansion of solution "Enterprise resources planning" assumes merely minimum intervention in existing business processes. Besides the partnership with a SAP company aimed at the long-term development, creates additional benefits to the enterprises.

To improve the enterprise finance and corporate planning

Complex vision of the enterprise and realization of global requirements as well as required by the law, for example, concerning accounting and reporting standards, payroll accounting and corporate management.

To optimize expenses on IT sphere

Lack of high expenses for integration and need in acquisition of additional products of third-party producers. Additional solutions can be developed gradually according to the growth of corporate requirements.

To guarantee fast and high investment performance

Due to application of a certified methodology of rapid implementation half less expenses are required upon development of the "Enterprise resource planning" solution than upon usual approach to implement corporate systems.

To increase motivation and productivity of employees

Convenient functions of information services for employees allow to increase their motivation and labor productivity.

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