Integration solution ELDI + (Electronic Legal Document Interchange) automates the process of legal document exchange with contractors, providing integration between SAP ERP and EDI systems of EDI operators. Documents involved in the electronic document flow, are signed with a digital signature, thus ensuring their legal significance. Process of electronic legal document interexchange complies with the requirements of Russian legislation. Through the solution development, your business is moved on a new technological level; the document exchange time is reduced to a fraction of a second, and minimizes the risk of non-delivery of documents inherent to the common paper-based exchange. In addition, by refusal from paper archives the cost of consumable materials (paper, ink tank costs) is significantly reduced and the expenses within delivery documents procedure are reduced too.

Through the use of EDI you confirm business transparency and its compliance with applicable laws.

Solution functionality

Processed business - documents: 

1. Formal document flow: 

  • Invoice
  • TORG-12 
  • Act of Completion (in development) 

2. Unformalized document: 

  • Delivery order
  • Dispatch notification
  • Notification of acceptance 
  • Return notice

Automated business processes: 

  • Formation and delivery of electronic document
  • Document electronic signature
  • Status control of an electronic document
  • Acceptance of an electronic document
  • Comparison of the electronic document and SAP document
  • Adjusting and refining processing
  • Journal of Electronic Documents
  • Electronic document printing
  • History of electronic document exchange
  • Solution administration


Paperless technology benefits:

  • Time reduction in terms of the document exchanging process.
  • Cost reduction within the document delivery procedure.
  • Guarantee of the reliability and authenticity of the information. Electronic signature guarantees the legal significance of all documents sent.
  • Confirmation of business transparency and its compliance with current legislation.
  • Cost reduction of consumable materials (paper, ink tanks); rejection of paper archives.
  • Convenient and quick search in the database of Electronic documents according to various criteria.
  • Accountant workforce productivity increase.

Features and benefits of out-of-the-box solutions:

  • SAP systems,support starting with 4.6 version. Function ability both with a standard log file of invoices in SAP, and without it.
  • Ability to send electronic documents to counterparties directly out of SAP ERP business applications.
  • Ability of mass processing of electronic documents; quick search in the electronic document log.
  • The ability of status monitoring of outgoing documents.
  • The ability of connection to multiple EDI operators.
  • Easily adapted with add-in programs.
  • Ease of administration and flexibility of user’s settings.

The solution ensures the compliance the formats and processes with the requirements of Russian legislation:

  • Federal Law of 06.04.2011 № 63 –FL "On electronic signature"
  • Federal Law "On electronic digital signature" № 1 -FL of 10.01.2002 Document become invalid from July 1, 2012 in connection with the publication of the Federal Law of 06.04.2011 № 63-FL
  • Federal Law of 06.12.2011 № 402 -FL "On Accounting"
  • Federal Law "On Amendments into Part One and Part Two of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation and some other legislative acts of the Russian Federation, as well as the Repeal of Certain Legislative Acts (Provisions of Legislative Acts ) of the Russian Federation in connection with the settlement of arrears of taxes, fees and penalties and some other issues of tax administration" from 27.07.2010 № 229-FL
  • Order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia from 17.02.2011 № MMV-7-2/168 "On approval of the direction of the requirement to submit documents (information) and the order of presentation of documents (information) at the request of the tax authority in electronic form via telecommunication channels"
  • Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia from 25.04.2011 № 50n "On approval of issuing and receiving invoices electronically via telecommunications channels using digital signature"
  • Letter of the Federal Tax Service of Russia from 05.10.2011 № ED-4-3/16368  "On some issues of application of electronic documents"
  • RF Government Decree № 1137 of 26.12.2011 "On the forms and rules of filling (conducting ) invoices and journals in electronic form"
  • Order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia from 05.03.2012 № MMV-7-6/138 "On approval of the invoice formats , journal and received invoices, purchase ledger and sales ledger, purchase ledger additional sheets and book sales in electronic form"
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