Subsystem alows keeping customer's payments record binding to orders (contracts).

Functional scope:

  • Allocation of customer's payments on advanced orders and customer's TAX notes.
  • Interface for manual allocation of off-the-book payments on customer's advanced orders.
  • Bank statement downloading including automatic allocation of trans order's text: the day of customer's debiting, reasons of payment (order, invoice, TAX note).
  • Automatic blocking / unblocking of advanced order while allocating of payments on order / invoice.
  • Program of interface for advanced payments and TAX notes via costomer's order (with opportunity of automatic clearing).
  • Out-going TAX notes printing with automatic data on trans orders recording (on order).
  • Report on payments allocated on order.
  • Report on customer's orders with respect to allocated payments.

Business benefits:

  • Automation of unblocking process for payed shipping and picking orders.
  • Reduced time loss for bank statement processing (from 4-5 hours to 1-2 hours).
  • Quick and modified process of customer's payment and orders comparison.
  • Quick advanced payments and TAX notes clearing.
  • Enhanced control on correct printing of TAX note on customer's advanced payment and TAX note on shipping.
  • Reduced transaction costs.
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