YWIS team offers Retail solutions for business optimization based on Relex software - worldwide leader in this field.

"We provide modern retail with innovative solution aimed to increase company’s competitiveness through inmplementation of the newest IT achievements in the field of F&R automation. Our team was the first in Russian market who has started implementation of F&R automation software. Thus nowadays we possess immeasurable experience in this directionб," said Natalia Morozova, Head of Relex practice, YWIS.

Key Relex Pros

  • Innovations: AI-based algorythms.
  • Superior functionality for fresh.
  • Adaptable: Autonomous re-optimization and flexible re-configuration.
  • Performance: increadible calculation power turns data into action.

RELEX Living Retail. 

Key Advantages.

  • Agile Platform. Easy UI, configurable workflows, high level of automation, adaptable by users themselves.
  • Retail Expertise. Fully focused in Retail, continuous software dev. (R&D). Out of the box retail optimisation.
  • Proven & low risk. 100% referenceable (never replaced by competition), track record of successful implementations.
  • High value. Faster return on investment, proven quick measured value & continued value-add over-time.
  • Futureproof. Inexpensive upgrades, continuous new enhancements & same platform can be expanded with added capability for continuous future value-add.

Project Implementation Approach.

A unique YWIS approach allows client to appreciate the effect before the project starts via the functionality of deep supply chain analysis which detects main growth points and shows the results of testing payback hypothesis just after the first forecast deploy: full functionality and performance remain available within pilot.

Software flexibility allows starting implemetation and fast prototyping before blueprinting stage is finished. This approach is used over all the customization stage.

So that we are free to further customise the solution without any risk of loosing the previously pursued results.



YWIS is the first Relex partner company in Russia.


Already running Relex


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