TeamIdea philosophy is built on the principles of ancient wisdom: understanding and mutual respect as the basis of internal and external relations in the company, and these very principles we aspire to cultivate and develop.

TeamIdea active social work focuses on the development of children's sports.

The TeamIdea company is an ideologue and the primary sponsor of the first International Judo Tournament among youth under 12 years of age. Thank to joint efforts of TeamIdea, education center «Sambo-70» and the All-Russian movement «Children of Russian-educated and healthy» in spring of 2010 young men from all over the world met on the judo mat for the first time.

Today the tournament became a traditional spring sports event both for young athletes, and for TeamIdea. During the event, participants have the opportunity to join the world of professional sports, to feel the spirit of real competitions and meet with judokas from different countries.

For many newcomer fighters the tournament «Spring Hopes» is the first step on the way to the sport Olympia. It was here that the young men for the first time felt the sweet taste of world's victory and the bitterness of defeats.

Joining the world-class tournaments at a young age children are getting priceless experience in high-level competitions, getting acquainted with the rules and regulations of the event, getting a colossal impetus for the further development in sport. We believe that doing so we contribute to the development of our children - our bright future!

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