Mercury - is a system for the electronic certification of goods under the supervision of the state supervision of goods and pursues its movement through the territory of the Russian Federation to create a uniform information environment for veterinary medicine and to improve the biological and food safety. 

Vetis.API is a gateway that allows third party information systems to submit the information necessary for the formation of electronic veterinary certificates to Mercury to obtain information about Mercury's issued electronic certificates.The currently available gateway is the version Vetis.API - 1.4.

The following options appear in the Mercury system and the VETIS.API gateway: 

New in version 1.5

  1. Support for GTIN and local product identifications.
  2. Support for GLN (partial).
  3. A new guide for packaging.
  4. Multi-stage packaging support.
  5. Support for batch marking with binding to packaging.

New in version 2.0

  1. Multimodal transport.
  2. Regionalization.
  3. Managing users from hosts through the API.
  4. Laboratory studies, immunization / treatment against parasites.
  5. Full support for GLN at company registration and checkpoint level.
  6. Improved support for GTIN and the product manufacturer's directory.
  7. Support for hierarchical packaging.

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