In any business, the right motivation is extremely important to achieve the best result. Only when a person is truly passionate about their work, when they enjoy the results achieved, when they understand that what they created (independently or in a team of like-minded people) is needed, meets or even exceeds expectations and is valuable in its essence – only then does each of us get a true inner satisfaction that cannot be described in words, but can be experienced and felt. Actually, the combination of these emotions and feelings is the real, sincere motivation of any creative person.

In my opinion, work in the IT sphere is a form of art. The specifics of reality are such that even in the most standard situations, it is necessary to take the creative initiative to find a non-trivial solution that is best suited to the given context, taking into account the surrounding factors and consequences.

TeamIdea's philosophy is primarily aimed at creating conditions for employees to demonstrate their talents and abilities. It is the opportunity to be noticed and appreciated that attracts capable, purposeful, and ambitious consultants to the company. Those who want to find a team in which they can fully reveal themselves through a creative attitude to work and current tasks. TeamIdea consciously promotes the professional growth and development of its employees, highlights, and improves their unique skills.

As a result, the company's Clients get an attitude to their problems and projects that money cannot buy. Consultants delve into tasks and processes with such depth and dedication, as if they are doing it for themselves and for ages. But, in fact, it is. Achieving another result that you can be proud of, which literally warms and nourishes you, allows you to raise the bar and develop further, progress in your field of competence, enrich your professional experience, be in demand and realize that you bring good to this world.

Vasiliy Zaichkо

 TeamIdea General Manager.

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