Zeppelin Russland provides sale services of new and used equipment, on delivery and spare parts sale as well as carries out guarantee and service maintenance in its own service centers network located in the territory from Apatit (the Murmansk Region) to Sochi. Working in Russia more than ten years the company worked out its own development strategy based on logistic schemes optimization, personnel training, complex decisions offer and new opportunities for clients. The company is developing rapidly: in 2010 the revenue made 8,1 billion rubles, and following the results of the first three quarters of 2011 this indicator already exceeded 9,7 billion rubles. About 700 employees of Zeppelin Russland provide services to more than 5000 clients. In 2010 the agricultural direction was transformed into Zeppelin Agro subsidiary. In total Zeppelin Russland group includes about 30 separate divisions. In the coming years Zeppelin Rusland management intends to fulfill the following strategic tasks: involvement of new clients, sales volume increase, sales market expansion and decrease in expenses.

Despite growing business scales and complexity, till 2008 IT infrastructure of the company represented a typical «patchwork automation» till 2008. Main account units – finance, controlling, logistics and sale – were automated on the SAP R/3 platform, however this system covered only minimum set of operations.

The rapid business growth connected with increase in number of suppliers and clients, and also with diversification of delivered production, demanded at first more attention and control from the company management, and secondly, increases division interaction efficiency. In the current situation best decision was found: to create a new information system possessing broader functionality and differing essentially from other account statement approaches.

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