TNK-BP is a leading Russian oil company and is among the top ten privately-owned oil companies in the world in terms of crude oil production.

In 2008, the company faced the problem of integration interaction between various components of the infrastructure and external vendors of the company:

  • poorly synchronized directories;
  • orders  were often lost or duplicated;
  • lost contracts to supply.

The situation has been further complicated by the lack of a functional in part of logistics and finance:

  • Imperfect needs planning tool and trade and wealth record.
  • The lack of accounting and management systems of investment projects.
  • Impossibility of system planning and accounting of repairs.

Thus, the company suffered losses of millions of dollars because of the inability to properly form supply chains and in time to ship raw materials and finished products to customers.

In the initial phase of the project TeamIdea experts conducted a detailed survey of the system and made a complete map of all interactions. The results obtained made it possible to identify "bottlenecks" and approve the action plan to eliminate the existing problem.

Within this project was carried out the implementation of MM functional modules for materials management of the company and its subsequent integration with PP, CO, PS, PM (TOPO), FI, as well as development of the interface system based on the universal bus to integrate enterprise applications into a single, integrated information environment - SAP XI.

As a result of this work, the client’s system has been fundamentally improved:

  • Was added the possibility of planning needs in raw materials and inventory, inventory management.
  • Implemented functionality to monitor the implementation of projects and budgets.
  • The availability of project costs accounting, reporting development.
  • Planning schedules of inspection and repair stops.
  • Planning and accounting of costs of maintenance and repair.
  • Developed a unified financial solution for all holding companies.
  • Configured archiving and monitoring of the integration.
  • Significantly improved many scenarios of interaction.
  • Trained specialists.
  • Created detailed instructions for monitoring and problem solving.
  • Dozens of new integration scenarios have been realized, including subsidiaries and external vendors.

As a result of work performed, transparency and reliability of the interaction of all components of the information infrastructure have been increased and many processes of the company became reliable and predictable.

The success of this project and several previous projects has inspired TNK to continued collaboration with SAP: in the next few years, the company has implemented SAP ERP SRM and SAP ERP HCM.

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