SABMiller is one of the world's leading brewers with more than 200 beer brands and some 70,000 employees in over 75 countries, which have growing businesses in soft drinks and we are one of the world's largest bottlers of Coca-Cola products.

By June 2008, SABMiller RUS has expanded its production capacity by acquiring a brewery in Vladivostok and building its own plant in Ulyanovsk.

It was at this time the company decides to enlist the support of powerful IT-system to consolidate its position and for further rapid expansion of the Russian market. The opt was to the SAP system.

During system implementation, the project team of TeamIdea took an active part in realization of the implementation project SAP ERP, APO and CRM. In particular TeamIdea developed a supplement to the Standard functional ERP applications:

  • Interactive transaction for mass creation of orders.
  • Automatic creation of MM-orders from reservations, creating planned orders.
  • Massive creation of fixed assets according to data from an external file.
  • The downloader of service calls from the file.
  • Automatic loading and creation of advertising campaigns.
  • Interactive transaction of stock overview in different perspectives on time.
  • Interface of downtime issuing from transport companies.
  • Creation of a variety of print forms and reports, including the parallel discharge of information into Excel.

TeamIdea experts also carried out a number of developments in the SAP CRM system:

  • Keeping information about partners, shops, offices, attributes, and relationships between them in the CRM system.
  • Inbound and outbound interfaces of automatic and semi-automatic creation, editing and deletion of distributors in the CRM system.
  • Development of functional modules and BSP applications for business partners.
  • Developing solutions for registration of incoming invoices from service organizations for the performance of services of repair and maintenance of equipment.

The solution includes the creation of a specialized form of the act of the work performed in the SAP CRM system and subsequent automatic registration of accounts to the act in the SAP ERP.

TeamIdea provided a number of modifications to the ARC, such as:

  • Development of transportation planning.
  • Automatic creation of shipping lines.
  • Program of creation and updating of transportation lines between warehouses of MRP and Transport Areas.
  • Tracking the status of the materials move on the primary and secondary routes.
  • Transportation Distribution Program on the site of the forwarder.
  • Procurement and accounting of parts for refrigerators and refrigeration equipment.
  • Implementation of functional modules to provide functionality in the portal.
  • Transaction of vehicles.
  • Monitor program of warehouse manager’s orders.

In addition to basic, consultants TeamIdea carried out a number of additional tasks:

  • Development of various RFC-interface for the exchange of information and integration of ERP, BW, CRM, APO systems.
  • Development of the project "Portal: Sales to distributors"Realization of the functionality of calculating recommended order: recommended order is settled up for the distributor as a whole and by each store.

In addition, in the BW the maximum amount of the order is calculated, depending on the availability of goods in warehouses. This information is passed to the CRM and displayed on the site.Implementation of WorkFlow-script creation, approval and implementation of applications for creation of roles and responsibilities of users in the system. The result of this work is the ability to replace the applications of SAP users to the electronic workflow.

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