The Process Before the Launch

The controllability of the business fell as a result of the natural growth rate of the business by pooling the assets. The number of staff were reduced, there was not a single corporate automated instrument for managing resources or for the business processes. 

Disorganised flow of information lead to a high labour intensity and low efficiency in producing information for management. 

The Challenges of the Business

For obtaining maximum profit per hectare it is essential to ensure that the yields are obtained through the efficient use of technology and resources taking into account the working conditions of the land, and it is essential to minimise the costs involved. 

How the Problem Was Solved

The business processes of the agricultural business RusAgro were automated in the following areas:

  • Production management (of crops)
  • Management of the production logistics
  • Processing and storage management (including elevators)
  • Sales management
  • Supply management
  • Management of the crop land
  • Maintenance and equipment repair management
  • Legal support of production
  • Financial management
  • Accounting management 
  • Investment management 
  • Planning and budgeting (including natural planning of production figures)

At what expense the benefit was gained

  • Improvement of the accuracy of the production processes, material and technical resources planning in accordance with the needs of production
  • Improvement of the level of reliability of the information on actual work which is completed and on the proper use of resources in production, logistics and MRO
  • Reducing of the production’s period of formation and analytical reports

System components

ERP (PP, PS, MM, SD, RE, FI, FM, AA, PM, CO)  Open Text, BO, BPC on HANA

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