HARMAN Corporation is a leader in the development of acoustic speakers that produces a wide range of products, including household goods. HARMAN Products, focused on the consumer market, are hold deserved recognition for the high quality of the products, approaching to the requirements of professional equipment.

The project task of SAP Russian Localization was an extension and adaptation of the existing system on the Russian division of Harman Russia, taking into account the well-established business processes of Harman, as well as the specifics of the Russian accounting and tax accounting.

The functional scope of the project included the following processes:

  • Support for GAP and FIT Analysis, infosession and Country workshops 
  • Analysis of critical business processes in order to meet the essential requirements of the legislation
  • Setting the specifics of local logistic processes: procurement of goods and services, setting of the procedures for monitoring the procurement of supplies and services;
  • CCD accounting
  • Development of print forms, taking into account legislative requirements - specific to the Russian accounting; payment processing
  • VAT accounting
  • Maintenance and automation of currency loading
  • Integration testing for document preparation and user training
  • Transfer of knowledge on the specifics of the location and their implementation in SAP Go Live Support at the client place

The project started on January 9, 2013.

Nowadays TeamIdea consultants give operational support for business on the question arises. 

The main purpose and result of this project is provision of the opportunity for clear analysis of the Russian division of the company, as well as prompt formation of corporate reporting on the basis of a unified information environment SAP ERP.

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