The Bosch Group is a leading international supplier of technologies and services in such industries as the production of automotive components and industrial technologies, the production of consumer goods and construction technologies. Bosch Thermotechnics GmbH is a division of the Bosch Group. The interests of Bosch Thermotechnology GmbH in Russia are represented by the company Bosch Termotechnics.

Bosch Termotechnics together with TeamIdea completed the project for SAP Hybris implementation.

The choice of the partner from Bosch Termotechnics was based on the results of the contest with state participation, where TeamIdea specialists offered a winning project plan.

The project consisted of two phases: the introduction of the main functionality (from August 2015 to April 2016) and its development (since September 2016). The implementation consisted of the following stages: conceptual design, development and preparation for commercial operation and launch. In a short time all business processes related to the purchase of equipment and spare parts from Bosch and Buderus brands were analyzed, and automation capabilities were identified. At the development stage the core functionality was implemented and the company could fully automate the business process that previously required the participation of a customer support officer. At the stage of the system development, additional functions were implemented to increase customer loyalty, e.g. a unique mechanism for the formation of recommendations for the equipment package.

E-commerce solution for Bosch Termotechnics is constantly evolving: it involves both connecting the functionality of new versions of SAP Hybris and the development of unique functions.

Now more than 10,000 Bosch Thermotechnics' customers have the ability to generate orders, receive invoices and request delivery of goods using a website based on SAP Hybris.

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