The entire process of transition to Mercury, we walked through the steps with our customers. And now we continue the active support. Everything that was prepared in the test circuit was not true. The reality of the productive system Mercury was harsh.

In terms of tests, we tried to run them with large retail chains, but not a single full test was carried out:the system changed too quickly, the participants in the process showed too low of a readiness level.

We started to form electronic certificates in advance to provide all available stock with certificates on July 1.

Then you can talk for a long time about the technical problems that our customers faced at the start. And continue to deal with at this stage.

The problems began at the stage of relations with counterparties, some of whom did not even know about Mercury. And for the issuance of the EVC requires registration data of counterparties in Mercury.

At the start, Mercury could not cope with the load. The problem is still relevant, although to a lesser extent. We hope for a normalization of the situation, but so far issues remain.

- Two days before the launch of electronic veterinary certification, only 12.5% of market participants went over to work at Mercury, Nikolai Vlasov, deputy head of Rosselkhoznadzor, stated. According to his forecast, in the near future, the level of transition to EVC will be 40–60%. Do you agree with these estimates? What do you think about market readiness for the introduction of EVC?

I would also like to see these figures in the context of manufacturers and sellers, and further in the size of the business. Such an analysis will show the real picture of what is happening. In our opinion, all the major market players have switched to the EVC and are trying to comply with the law. To the extent of its capabilities and, more importantly, the capabilities of the Mercury system.

-Are there those who are not going to switch to “Mercury” at all? What options do they have in the new reality of the EVC?

There are those who do not know about “Mercury” yet. There are those who only find out. The options are limited, this is the law, and it must be obeyed.

- How do you assess the overall effect of this legislative initiative - does the market really have to (and is already becoming) more transparent or does EVC simply complicate the work of producers and sellers and increase retail prices?

At this stage, electronic certification does not add transparency to the processes. Instead brings confusion in the long-established processes of both manufacturers and retail chains. Large market participants are trying to integrate into the “rules of the game”. And the small business, well, for the most part, it, only learns about the EVC system. I want to believe that with time, the introduction of EVC will achieve its goals, and the market will become more transparent. It's too early to talk about it at this point though.

- List the main positive and negative aspects of the transition to EVC for business and consumers. What in fact has changed in their lives during the month of rules implementation?

 As a consumer, I did not feel the transition to EVC at all. I hope this is a general trend. For business, the transition is fraught with many difficulties. The electronic certification system was not ready for the load. Problems with discharge EVC arose and continue to emerge regularly. And these are the risks - both for manufacturers of controlled products, and for retail chains - it always involves losses.

Maria Shashilova
SAP Solution Architect
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