11/21/2017, Moscow: SAP CIS and Megapolis Group, a Russian distributor of consumer goods, have announced the launch and industrial implementation of a B2B platform for e-commerce based on SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud. Using this solution, the company plans to reach a sales volume of 5-10% via its online channel. Megapolis’s implementation partner is TeamIdea.

The solution represents a platform for Megapolis Group to interact with customers and discover new opportunities for both parties. For example, B2B customers will be able to place online orders at any convenient time and get special sales offers and personalized support during all stages. Typical and routine operations involving order compilation and document generation have been transferred to the platform, which will allow sales representatives to provide offline points of sale with the best customer service.

Within the framework of implementing the business’s digital transformation strategy, the plans for the platform’s development include the management of all channels, sales, and services. A promo campaign is planned for launch along with various special offers, expanded recommendations, a new product selection, a mobile application, and e-commerce integration with retail agents’ existing mobile applications.

Megapolis Group has taken the first step in an omnichannel transformation that includes the creation of a self-serve online channel, user profiles, a service catalog, and a mobile version of the website. Today the platform’s service is being tested in the following Russian regions: Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, and Moscow. Megapolis plans to extend it to its all operation regions in Russia.

Over 2,000 products are available for sale via the online B2B platform. Megapolis plans to expand the selection in the future.

“The primary goal we set for the project was to provide our B2B customers with a convenient, high-quality service based on a personalized approach. It is important to us for the cloud-based e-commerce platform to support our plans so that we can continue to develop our digital channel for interacting with clients while focusing on our business objectives rather than technical aspects,” said Dmitry Lebedev, Director of Megapolis Group’s traditional sales development.

 “The SAP Hybris Commerce platform gives the company the ability to organize our interactions with clients and manage their experience every step of the way. Another advantage of the cloud-based platform is that it is simple to implement and can easily be scaled as the business grows. This will allow us to concentrate on the strategic processes and trends of a client-facing business,” said Andrei Sharak, Deputy General Director of SAP CIS.

“The company has chosen the vector of digital transformation and IT. The world of the future is on its way, and we can’t let ourselves lag behind. This is especially true in light of the fact that the company’s customers are becoming more and more advanced, and competition is growing every day. Our goal is to provide tools that will allow us to see, identify, and retain customers, no matter where they might have come from, be it text message, a mobile app, or an online store. We're already entering an area that is totally new to us—online sales—and it’s a driver of the company’s growth. Over time, we’re going to add innovative search technologies, analysis, and the structuring of client data using Big Data and the data-processing system Advanced Analytics,” said Pyotr Voronin, Director of Megapolis Group’s information technology department.


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