October 2017, Moscow: TeamIdea announces its new SAP Platinum Partner status.

TeamIdea has officially become a member of the international community of United VARs, which has allowed the company to obtain SAP Platinum Partner status. The status marks a transition to the highest level of partnership with SAP for resellers as well as access to the Alliance’s best international practices.

This event is unique for the Russian market insofar as TeamIdea has become SAP CIS’s first and only Russian partner to obtain Platinum status. According to the rules of the United VARs, only one partner per country can be a representative. 

For TeamIdea’s customres and partners, this will enable a new level of interaction, create new opportunities to use international expertise, and serve as yet another confirmation of the company’s reliability and stability not just in Russia, but worldwide.

Today a total of 40 partners are members of the Alliance, and their activities span 80 countries and service over 8,000 customers.


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Annual conference United VARs with the participation of TeamIdea in the theses
In Walldorf, Germany, took place the april meeting of United VARs with TeamIdea
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