Basic principles of label-by-label inventorying:

  1. Alcoholic products (AP) are divided into two categories: “by batch” (i.e. counted by the batch as before) and “by label” (counted by PDF-417).
  2. An additional P3 registry has been introduced for inventorying AP in particular in the form of labels attached to batches.
  3. It is no longer possible to indicate a B label TTN if it is not on the P3, i.e. technically the TTN will be rejected by the USAIS system.
  4. The decision has been made to sell off AP as “by batch,” but only until a certain (still unknown) deadline.
  5. It is no longer necessary to use P2 (showroom) for label-by-label AP—the transfer of remaining items to P2 for label-by-label AP will be blocked until July 1st.
  6. It is now possible to transfer “by batch” AP to “by label” as needed.
  7. Remaining P1 units of “by label” AP without labels by batch in retail are recommended to transfer to P2 (while leaving them unconnected in bulk), and not connect the rest of them directly to a batch until 2/1/2018, since labels may be doubled in some organizations when connecting an item to a batch (due to the option to deliver only a partial indication in TTN labels according to “by label” AP) to be followed by the automatic nullification of remaining P3 items on 2/1/2018 (i.e. it will be necessary to connect them again).
  8. In 2018 the service will release a new AM model that will make it possible to tell labels for “by label” inventorying from labels for batch inventorying. The exact date will be announced somewhat later.
  9. Version 2 of way bills and way bill acts will become invalid as of 3/1/2018, but if your inventory system will not be ready for label-by-label items to be unloaded you can simply use XSD 3x diagrams without indicating labels. 
  10. Individual requirements for group labeling will be published next week. For now we are only talking about requirements for labeling minimal group-packaging units.

Download methodological recommendations for implementing label-by-label inventorying in USAIS  (only available to authorized users)

Familiarize yourself with the full version of the new methodology and explanations on the official PAP page  >> 

A ready-made solution for working with 3mi XSD diagrams >>


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