SAP Hybris Marketing is a solution that enables you to perform personalized marketing in real time at every point of interaction between your company and your customers using methods of predictive analytics. Let’s take a look at how using this solution can speed up your business’s development.

Predictive analytics allows you to develop scenarios for people’s future behavior and for making optimal decisions on the basis of large quantities of data (in other words, Big Data). Analytics includes a number of methods from statistics and data mining. SAP Hybris Marketing analyses data both in real time and of a previous time period and makes predictions about customers’ future "desires” based on this data.

Predictive models include a large number of factors with varying degrees of influence on the result. The final result of predictive analytics is the ability to make optimal decisions (i.e. those that are maximally relevant to the customer and maximally effective for your business). SAP Hybris Marketing will allow you to use tools from predictive analytics to generate customer behavior models, which will increase your company’s revenue.

The applications for predictive analytics are many and varied. Here are a few examples based on SAP Hybris Marketing’s functionality:

  • Increase the number of customer reviews by gathering data from various websites and social networks. SAP Hybris Marketing allows you to create campaigns that take into account factors such as the best time to send messages, message-delivery channel, and much more.


  • Determine the effectiveness of various email messages.  Every message can be analyzed based on clicks, message views, target conversions, etc.


  • Customer retention: predictive analytics allows you to calculate customers’ behavior while taking negative factors that affect their decisions into account. Using a predictive model, you will know the probability of customers dropping off, which gives you an opportunity to offer them discount coupons or invite them to a sale. Result: the customer stays with you and is very likely to become a regular customer.
  • Using built-in services, SAP Hybris Marketing can recommend relevant products or content based on data about previous purchases, views, interests, and the analysis of comments on social networks.
  • Thanks to the predictive analytics in SAP Hybris Marketing you will be able to predict customer demand for a store/product within a certain time frame. You will be able to calculate customers’ reaction to a change to a product’s price, a new product catalog, a store location, and much more.

SAP Hybris Marketing is a self-learning system. After every interaction with a customer it takes their reaction into account and makes its next decision, thereby improving its offer algorithm for that particular customer as well as the segment of similar customers, making its offer more precisely targeted. This is the primary advantage of the solution’s machine learning, which performs most day-to-day operations. This frees up more time for human talent to develop the creative essence of the process and create a high-value offer.




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