We all know that due to the introduction of SAP and its Russian functionality the reporting procedure becomes much more convenient and less labor intensive. The use of SAP Russian localization allows making all the necessary reports quickly and correctly.

Today I would like to pay attention to the recent changes in the RAS "Cash Flow Statements" (RAS 23/2011), that is the possibility of the implementation of these requirements in the SAP system. It is worth noting that the greatest challenge for adaptation represents the requirement to show folded indirect taxes and commission payments.

I proudly hasten to let you know that TeamIdea customer development focused on the optimization of the report on CF generation process (with allowances made for all the recent changes to legislation) has been successfully tested in the framework of the project for a major player in the Russian market of communications providers. This solution started operating productively and is already appreciated by the key users.

And now the fast facts. What is the functional volume of this solution?

Let’s review the main items:

  1. The implementation of the corporate form of the report in parallel to the standard unified form 4.
  2. The ability to support changes only by means of settings.
  3. Setting the output forms of internal and external reports using customizing settings.
  4. The possibility of defining and redefining the CF and VAT code manually for single documents and massively for a group of documents.
  5. The ability to split a single document into several positions with referring to the various CF articles manually.
  6. The possibility of falling (drill-down) into the document from the report line and view the text of the payment in the grid in manual definition.
  7. Manually defined for previous periods information on CF and VAT codes for documents is inheriting and using in the calculation of the subsequent periods.
  8. The optimization of the data processing speed (more than 3 million documents are processed in less than 3 hours).
  9. A large percentage of automatically defined for the payments report (less than 0.01% of indefinite payments).
  10. The implementation of special calculation algorithms (for example, commission scheme of calculations).
  11. The volume of cash flows in foreign currencies is converted into rubles at the official exchange rate of the foreign currency against the ruble established by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of effecting or receipt of payment.
  12. The key figures of the of the organization’s cash flows report are reflected in the Russian currency - in rubles.

Also it is pleasant to note the possibility of adaptation and further improvement of the solution according to the specific needs and characteristics of the Customer’s SAP system.

Alexandr Panin
SAP Project Manager
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