What are the advantages of working with "Mercury" through integrators?

"Mercury"offers two options: a web interface for manual data input and integration via the Vetis.API gateway. Manual input doesn’t require any additional costs for an IT product and is suitable for small companies with low turnover of controlled (veterinary) products. For example, small retail stores or catering outlets for processing single transactions.

For large market players, this method of accounting is not suitable. Therefore, integrators are not an advantage for them, but, first of all, a vital necessity.

In order to register hundreds (or even thousands, and tens of thousands) of operations in Mercury, in a short period of time it will be necessary to mobilize all human resources, and even hire even more employees to directly data input in the web interface.

Therefore, a large company does not even have the question of choosing a method of interaction with “Mercury”

What are the advantages of working with integrators?

- Implementation of regulatory and legal norms, according to which the registration of veterinary accompanying documents will be issued only in electronic form;

- Overall reduction in certification costs;

- Reducing of time for registration of veterinary accompanying documentation due to automation of the process;

- Reducing financial losses as a result of lower business risks associated with internal factors;

- All major business processes of data generation for electronic certification are implemented in a single SAP system;

- Implementation of the possibility of operational control of all business operations;

- Maximum reduction of the human factor influence;

- High solution stability.

With the right approach to design,  integration involves the maximum process automation, allowing operations to be processed automatically, significantly reducing the time cost of the operation. The lack of manual input allows to minimize the risk of errors caused by the notorious "human factor". These are errors and typos when inputing data in the web interface, and documents that have forgotten to issue, and process organization questions. The cost of such errors for large companies is very high. Failed to register a production operation? –  We can not do anything with the finished product. Can't get a transport certificate? – Stopping the car at the exit, a delay to the acceptance of the recipient, fines. Have you released the car without documents? – The contractor did not accept the goods, fines. And there is a need to remember about the expiration dates of veterinary products. It’s also running out.

The integrator helps to fully automate the processes of the formation of eVSD (electronic veterinary supporting documents), thus reducing the risk of errors. An additional positive effect of automation is the reduction in the cost of the operation. The “Mercury” operation does not require the participation of a specialist.

What integration solutions do you offer to market participants?

The integration solution offered by our company is called IDEAL: VET. It is designed for companies that use SAP in their operations. It could be the accounting system SAP ERP and SAP S4, and the warehouse management system SAP EWM.

Our solution globally consists of two parts.

The first is the core, the engine of our decision. An integration platform that is fully synchronized with “Mercury” through the Vetis.API gateway. It has all the necessary reference data "Mercury" and it knows how to communicate with "Mercury" language. And it is very friendly to SAP systems. And the SAP language is native for “Mercury” system.

The second important part of our solution is the integration of customer accounting processes. Business-part of the solution, which allows with minimal changes to wedge into the business processes of the customer and teach his system to communicate with “Mercury”. Here, the competences we have accumulated are invaluable, both in terms of deep understanding of the processes of FSIS Mercury and electronic veterinary medicine, and in the automation of integration solutions.

In this part of our solution, we automate processes.

What are the main challenges you faced in the implementation process (are there any things that need to be changed in FSIS from a technical point of view)?

From a technical point of view, FSIS Mercury is constantly changing. This is a very lively system. We started development from version 1.4. And now we are looking forward to the release of version 2.1 and are preparing to change.

And this "liveliness" of the system is the main difficulty. Mismatch between the production and test versions. It’s impossible to develop and test processes in a test system and be sure that they will work in a productive working system.

And, of course, now there are a lot of "children's" sores, which are corrected by the developers of "Mercury" with varying degrees of efficiency.

The working group on e-veterinary medicine meets monthly, where sometimes all the problems that arise are discussed successfully, and sometimes not so much, the need for changes and improvements is also discussed. We actively participate, we try to be always aware of all changes.

What do you expect from July 1?

In addition to integration services, our company also offers a 24/7 customer support agreement. We are always near our customers!

We foresee that there will be many participants who now don't even know about Mercury. It will be essential to connect, support, and help them.

On top of that, as mentioned above, “Mercury” is a vivacious system. Surely mass exploitation from July 1 will be improvements, bug fixes, and other changes. We are preparing to adjust without disturbing the current activities of our clients quickly.

Nikolay Pakhomov
SAP Solution Architect
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